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  • Over the decades of my career I have experimented with many tube and grip styles, trying to minimize fatigue and keep my workday long and productive. Over the past year I’ve switched most of my grips to the Morphix Humbolt which is providing me with longer-term comfort, full maneuverability and an ideal mid-range weight. If hand fatigue is an issue for you, I recommend that you give them a try

    Guy Aitchison Hyperspace Studios
  • I prefer KUSH Grip Covers, and find them to be the most comfortable and reliable on the market. Each of our resident artists at Tattoo Temple use them, and they not only increase comfort during the session but also stability keeping your hand in place even when wet. They help protect our hands when we’re tattooing for long sessions, and now that I’v gotten used to the KUSH my skin gets damaged if I try tattooing without them. 

    Joey Pang Tattoo Temple
  • I enjoy using the KUSH Grip Covers every time, they make tattooing very comfortable. It feels good to grip onto an ergonomic and squishy surface.

  • I’m exclusively using KURV Tips both for lining and shading. They’re sleeker and thinner than my metal tips and make me feel like I have more control of the needle, visually and physically. They hold pigment well despite being less clunky and clean out easily (easier than my metal tips which also have a residue to deal with).

  • Since switching to the Morphix Humbolt, I've gained much more control of my machines. I use them primarily with mag tubes. I choke up on my grips too, which sometimes left my hand cramping up after a long session, but with the grooves on the Humbolt my hand is more relaxed. Thank you for an amazing product!

  • Suffering from Carpal Tunnel, these grips alleviate my symptoms immensely. I find new fire in my work now that I don't worry about the pain anymore. The Humbolt is by far the most comfortable and advanced grip I have ever used, and the Flatiron fits nicely in the hand and allows several positions with equal comfort for shading. The reduced weight and easy-to-clean design is also incredible. A stroke of genius!

    Sean DeHerrera Theoretical Ink
  • I started using both Morphix Grips a little over a year ago. Using them has made my long tattoo sessions much more comfortable because of the ergonomics, weight and overall balance of the grip and my machine. My hands don't get as tired which is an added benefit!

    Henry Powell Six Feet Under Tattoo
  • The Morphix Humbolt is the most comfortable tattoo grip I have ever used. Thank you for a grip that surpasses all others for comfort and weight distribution.

    Aaron Maher Dead Rockstar Tattoo
  • In my original video, I had a lot of good things to say about the Humbolt Grip, and it's only gotten better since then. Certain tattoos, I seek that grip out. I love those grips! And if you grab their Kush Grip Covers, throw on your grip, they're just nasty. It doesn't get anymore comfortable than that!

    Billy Hill YouTube (KUSH Grip Cover)
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